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Everyone needs car insurance, but car insurance isn't always affordable. With hidden rates and added fees, a simple auto insurance policy can end up costing you way more than you anticipated. Yet, going without auto insurance isn't an option. But have no fear! The insurance professionals at CarolinaCarInsurers & All About Insurance will work with you to find and customize a policy specifically for your needs and their budget. Car insurance doesn't have to be expensive. Get an affordable car insurance policy today by calling us at (919) 321-2886 or filling out a free online quote form.

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Common Auto Insurance Questions

Why Get Auto Insurance?

Most car accidents costs thousands of dollars, especially when other people are involved. Even aside from the state-required car insurance, most car insurance policies come with coverage that protect you, your passengers and the vehicle in case of an accident.

If you're involved in an accident without car insurance, you're looking at high out-of-pocket costs, injury liability – even serious legal issues.

Keeping your vehicle insured is simply the responsible thing to do, and it's an essential financial decision that you can't drive without. Auto insurance helps to reduce or cover property damage costs, replacement parts for your car as the result of an accident, medical expenses from injuries, road-side assistance, and much more. Since policies vary with protection options, it's important to talk to a specialist at All About Insurance to create a policy that insures your needs.

What Auto Insurance Is Required By Law?

State laws vary on auto insurance, but most states require a certain amount of liability insurance. North Carolina drivers, for example, are required to carry at least:

  • $30,000 in bodily injury liability per person

  • $60,000 in bodily injury liability per two or more people

  • $25,000 in property damage liability


How Much Auto Insurance Coverage Should I Have?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to car insurance. In general, it’s recommended that drivers carry around $500,000 in liability insurance alone as well as other coverages to protect the vehicle and those inside.

What Type Of Car Insurance Is Best?

Full coverage car insurance is recommended. This type of policy is simply a combination of coverages geared to cover your vehicle as much as possible. Along with liability insurance, full coverage auto insurance typically includes:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This provides compensation for loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to fire, wind, hail, falling objects, theft or vandalism.

  • Collision Coverage: This provides compensation for loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to collision with another vehicle or object.

  • Personal Injury Protection: This coverage, known as PIP, helps cover medical expenses for the driver and their passengers after an accident, no matter who is at fault.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: This insurance steps in if the insured driver is involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.


How Often Do Car Insurance Prices Change?

Car insurance prices tend to change yearly, though they're subject to change at any point.

How Much Does Auto Insurance Increase After an Accident?

On average, a single at-fault accident can raise your rates by 30%, depending on the circumstances. Other violations, such as DUIs, can raise your rates as much as 80%.

How Far Does Car Insurance Look Back?

Car insurance generally looks back at your record around three years, though this varies per insurer.

How Much Should My Auto Insurance Deductible Be?

Most car insurance deductibles are around $500, but this depends on your coverage limits. You can raise your deductible in exchange for lower monthly premiums, but it also means paying more out of pocket for damages after a claim.

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